KOTAI 3.4ton Mini combination vehicle type vibratory road rollers price KD03HDZ Front steel wheel, rear rubber wheel

KD03HDZ series combined roller is an articulated tandem full hydraulic roller. It adopts full hydraulic transmission, double-wheel drive, front steel wheel vibration compaction, rear rubber wheel static pressure kneading compaction, self-propelled structure. The front and rear frames are connected by a central articulated frame, using an articulated steering method, which has good welt compaction performance, curve compaction performance and maneuverability.

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Model KD03HDZ
Working mass kg 3400
distribution mass of front steel wheel kg 1700
distribution quality of rear rubber wheel  -- 1700
vibration frequency hz 60
nominal amplitude mm 0.46
exciting force kn 32
vibration wheel diameter mm 750
vibration wheel width mm 1400
exercise speed km/h 0-10
theoretical climbing ability vibration % 30
no vibration % 40
minimum ground clearance mm 230
wheelbase mm 2000
steering angle ° ±35
swing angle ° ±10
minimum turning radius mm 4200
engine supplier  -- China Changchai
engine model  -- ZN390B
engine power kw 28.5
engine rated speed r/min 2600
tire size specification  -- 10.5/80-16 6PR
number of tires  -- 4
battery V*Ah 12*80
water tank L 160

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Main technical performance characteristics

1. The front wheel is made of steel wheels, and the rear wheel is composed of four 10.5/80-16 6PR tires in tandem, using the compaction characteristics of rubber wheels to ensure uniform and consistent surface compaction, good surface sealing, and improve compaction effect . 2. Equipped with National III Changchai engine, which is more environmentally friendly; the power reserve reaches 20%, which is in the leading position among the rollers of the same tonnage, which can better adapt to the flexible and complex operating conditions of light rollers 3. Closed hydrostatic drive system, forward and backward one-rod operation, convenient and efficient, reduce the work intensity of the operator, improve work efficiency, uniform driving speed, better ensure the uniformity and flatness of road compaction, and improve road compaction effect. 4. Open vibration system, the vibration frequency is 60Hz, and the excitation force is 32KN. Exciting force The exciting force is strong, the compaction effect is good, and the efficiency is high. At the same time, it is equipped with standard vibration splitting and has a wide adaptability to working conditions. 5. Power sprinkler system, electric diaphragm pump, four-speed intelligent sprinkler control, which improves the adaptability to compact objects requiring different sprinkling amounts; the sprinkler effect can be selected according to needs, which can effectively save 40% of water. 6. The unique vibrating bearing lubrication technology can fully ensure that the oil can lubricate and cool the vibrating bearing more fully, and the vibrating bearing has a long service life. At the same time, it is more convenient to replace the lubricating oil. 7. Equipped with ROPS that can quickly reduce the height of the rotating anti-rolling protection frame, which can effectively ensure the safety of the driver's life when the roller rolls over, and at the same time ensure a good passability during the transfer. 8. Standard configuration of parking brake knob and emergency stop button. Optional reversing alarm, rotating warning light, and ceiling components to ensure construction safety. 9. Superior work vision. The front and rear working field of vision is ≤1m×0.5m, which meets European safety standards. 10. The cover is opened as a whole, and the maintainability is good 1) The cover has an overall opening of 45 degrees, three filters, and the oil filling and draining ports for hydraulic oil, diesel, and antifreeze are all within easy reach. 2) Hydraulic, power, oil circuit joints and valve blocks, and sprinkler pipelines can be directly visualized and contacted, which is convenient for maintenance. 11. Three-stage vibration reduction system The professionally designed and matched rubber shock absorber is connected between the steel wheel and the frame, the frame and the cab, and forms a three-level vibration reduction system with the vibration damping seat to ensure that more than 98% of the high frequency vibration of the vibrating wheel is isolated 12. The combined instrument integrates multiple status displays such as left and right steering indications, vibration indications, etc., which are clear and comprehensive.

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