LIUGONG 2Ton CLG820C Wheel Loader

Turbo air filter removes over 90% of dust and impurities, reducing engine wear and fuel consumption extending engine service life and improving engine efficiency. Radiator fan is directly engine driven and provides strong efficient cooling. 38 degree angle of articulation for working in tight spaces. Low fuel consumption engine that doesn't sacrifice any power. Very low cycle time of 8.6 second, great for efficient for smooth strong gear changes. Meets EU stage IIIA/EPA tier 3 emission requirements.

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Easy to Maintain

Hydraulic system easily checked after removing front cover. Easy engine access, convenient placement of key parts and fluid refill points.

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Always Reliable

Power cut-off function prevents damage to drive components. Double sealed O-rings brand new in Hydraulic system. Stress analysis tested to strengthen weak points.


Model 820C Wheel Loader
Bucker performance 1.0 m³
Operating weight 6,400 kg
Engine emission regulation Tier 2 / Stage II
make YT4B4-24
gross power 65 kW (87 hp) @ 2,400 rpm
net power 60 kW (80 hp) @ 2,400 rpm
peak torque 305 N·m @ 1,600 rpm
displacement 9.7L
number of cylinders 4
aspiration natural
Transmission Transmission Type counter shaft-type power shift
Torque Converter 3 element-single stage,single phase
Maximum Travl Speed.fwd 25km/h
Maximum Travl Speed.rev 25km/h
number of Speed.fwd 2
number of Speed.rev 2
Brakes Service Breake Type caliper dry disc
Service Breake Actuation hydraulic
Parking Brake Type shoe/drum
Parking Brake Actuation mechanical
Hydraulic system Main pump Type gear
Main Relief Pressure 18Mpa
Raise 5.2 s
Dump Time 1.2s
Float Down Time 3s
Fastest Total Cycel Time 9.40 s
Loader arm performance Tipping load-straight 4,997 kg
Tipping load-Full Turn 4,487 kg
Bucket Breakout Force 56 kN
Maximum Dump Angle at Full Height 45±1 °
Dump Clearance at full height discharge 2,856 mm
Dump reach at full height discharge 769 mm
Maximum hinge pin height 3,608 mm
Maximum Digging depth,Bucket level 23 mm
Bucket rollback at ground level 45°
Bucket rollback at carry 49°
Bucket rollback at maximum height 61°
Dimensions Length with bucket down 6,125 mm
width over tires 1904mm
wheelbase 2,310 mm
wheel Tread 1520mm
Ground Clearance 285mm
Turn Angle,Either Side 38°
Rear Angle of Departure 28.5°
Turning Radius,Outside of Tire 4,347 mm
Turning Radius,Center of Tire 4,119 mm
Turning Radius,Bucket Carry 4,979 mm
Service Capacities FuelTank 95L
Engine Oil 16L
Cooling System 21L
Hydraulic Reservoir 78L
Transmission and Torque Converter 20L
Axles,each 12 L

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