Shantui 70ton MT3680 Mining Truck 70000 kg Dump Truck

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Power System ● The powertrain adopts the Group's golden industry chain and is tested by domestic sole five-axis test bench to achieve high torque at low speed, high carrying capacity, heavy-load startup capability, and powerful gradeability. ● The installed Weichai WP series electronic control engine conforms to the China-III/EU-IIIA emission regulation and features strong power, good economy, high torque at low speed, extensive high-torque range, advanced technologies, and high durability Frame ● The domestically unique high-strength flexible frame with single longitudinal beam is made of high-strength steel sheets to achieve higher load capacity and impact resistance. ● The flexible frame with single integral two-layer (12+12) high-strength longitudinal beam and the industry's highest height (450mm) is applied to lower the gravity center of cargo compartment (Lower by 100mm than those of products in same industry). ● The widest frame width (100mm) in the industry improves the driving stability of the machine. ● The balance suspension bolts adopt hexagon flange nuts M24 to effectively solve the bolt looseness problem Suspension system ● Slider type rubber damping structure for front suspension and 8-thrust bar high-reserve balance shaft structure for rear suspension. ● High-carrying front suspension: The front leaf spring rear bracket adopts slider type structural design with 13 100mm-wide equal-thickness plate combination to achieve low failure rate of integral front suspension system. ● High-carrying rear suspension: The V-shaped combination structure with 8 thrust bars solves the lateral force malfunction problem. ● The rear leaf spring adopts 15 29mm×100mm plates to achieve both abundant elastic cushioning and high-strength vehicle load capacity. ● The lower structure maintained by saddle bolts features good maintainability. ● The integral rear suspension system features low failure rate and long life Brake system and electric system ● Good sealing performance and compact appearance. ● The connectors feature smooth surfaces and good visual effects and the pipelines feature high refinement degree. ● VOSS quick connector structure features good assembling process. ● Working temperature: Maintained at -40℃-100℃. ● The modular design of battery compartment guarantees neat appearance Intake system and exhaust system ● The electric multi-stage dust filter with four-stage filtration devices is applied to effectively improve the air intake quality and filtration efficiency and better adapt to severe working conditions. ● It reduces the user's replacement number of air filter, featuring easy maintenances and low maintenance cost. ● NVH design and special exhaust primary muffler. ● The double exhaust structure is applied to meet the individualized demands under diversified working conditions in different regions Radiator system ● The highly reliable radiator assembly gives consideration to both heat dissipation capacity and 530ps engine. ● The intake hose adopts hoop expansion joint design to effectively cushion the displacement of radiator air pipeline and effectively prevent the falloff of hose. ● The mechanical induced draft type annular fan (Φ750) achieves higher system reliability. ● The heat dissipation capacity is enlarged by 30% to better adapt to actual working condition. ● The two-stage radiator structure eliminates the boiling symptom. ● The radiator adopts the special plate-fin structure for construction machinery to solve the easy leakage and damage problems during the operations under extreme mining conditions A/C system ● The cab thermal insulation layer is thickened by 3cm than the products of other manufacturers to ensure good thermal insulation performance and enable the mining truck to adapt to operations in low temperature and tropical regions. ● The A/C condenser is enlarged by >30% than the products of other manufacturers to effectively improve the cooling capability of A/C. ● The A/C compressor in cooling power of 6kW is applied to achieve powerful cooling performance and improve the comfort of driver in tropic areas. ● During the waiting time for loading, the electric A/C is used (With engine stopped) to effectively lower the fuel consumption of the vehicle Electric system ● The rear waist lamp ensures broad vision to clearly see the rear wheels. ● LED lamps feature high illumination intensity to make clearer the night vision and help improve the active safety of vehicle. ● LED lamps feature lower power consumption and long life. ● The installed battery features high capacity (180Ah), abundant start energy, and smooth start even under 30℃ temperature. ● Thanks to low voltage drop of battery after long-time parking of machine, the probability of jumper start need is far below the competing products


Product parameter

Comparative item MT3680
Model WP12.380
Power 280 kw
Model 9JSD180
Front Axle Hande 18000 kg
Medium Axle Hande 25000 kg
Rear Axle Hande 25000 kg
Truck Parameters
Lifting Mechanism Front lifting mechanism
Frame High strength steel flexible frame
Tyre Model 14.00-24
Total Mass 70000 kg
Kerb Mass 26000 kg
Pay Mass 44000 kg
Dimensions(L×W×H) 9050×3200×4100 mm
Drive Type 6×4
Wheelbase 3800+1550 mm
Minimum Turning Diameter ≤20 m
Minimum Ground Clearance ≥370 mm
CarriageVolume(struck capacity 26 m³
Dimensions(L×W×H) 5800×3000×1500 mm
Performance parameters
Maximum Speed ≥45 km/h
Maximum Gradability <35%

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