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Power System ● The installed N67 electronic control engine conforms to the EPA Tier4final/EU Stage IV emission regulation, featuring stronger power and higher energy-saving and environmental-friendliness. The after-treatment system adopts FPT's unique HI-eSCR technology, requiring no external EGR. The 600h oil maintenance interval reduces the maintenance costs. ● The Shantui’s innovative hydrostatic drive optimization technology is applied to achieve higher efficiency and energy-saving. The multiple operating modes are at the user’s choice depending on the load of actual working condition to realize the reasonable match among power, efficiency, and energy consumption. Standard mode - It can provide strong power performance and excellent operating control performance for the operator. Power mode - It can provide stronger power performance to meet your higher needs for heavy-load condition. Economic mode - Under medium-load/light-load condition, it can run the engine at relatively low speed to thus remarkably reduce the fuel consumption. Meanwhile, in event of power need, it can quickly increase the speed to save the fuel by 5%~20%. The specific condition depends on the application condition. ● The air suction type temperature controlled fan incorporates the reverse self-cleaning function, featuring high efficiency and energy-saving Control system ● The double-module (Function and safety) controller architecture verifies with each other to achieve higher safety and reliability. ● The multiple functions, including multiple steering modes, hydraulic oil low temperature control, automatic low idling, fan reversing, and seat safety switch, are provided to achieve higher intelligence, higher efficiency, and higher safety of the machine. ● The malfunction self-diagnosis function is provided to accurately indicate the malfunction cause and orientation and shorten the downtime. ● The service software with distinct access hierarchy features high simpleness and practicability and easy learning and understanding. ● The GPS automatic leveling systems, including Trimble, Topcon, Leica, and Moba, can be installed to meet the user needs under precision leveling condition and improve the efficiency Driving/Riding Environment ● The integral sealed driving and riding system integrates the FOPS/ROPS functions and the all-new optimized four-point shock-absorbing system effectively isolates the vibration and noise to ensure high safety, comfort, and reliability. ● The integrated A/C and heating system improves the cooling performance by 30% and realizes slight pressurization to guarantee clean driving/driving environment and guard your health against harms. ● The all-new instrument box and the suspended single accelerator pedal make the leg space more spacious and can adjust to your comfortable operating posture to guarantee operating quality. ● The spacious glasses allow the operator to clearly view all end bits of the blade and the integrated ROPS remarkably increases the side view of the machine. ● The integral injection molded upholstery offers larger storage spaces. The air-cushioned seat with fabric texture is provided with safety switch and electric heater. The integrally formed armrests, the ergonomic joysticks, and the wide-angle rearview mirrors provide the driver with most comfortable operating experiences. ● The standard A/C and heating system, the intelligent display and control terminal with integrated instruments, cigarette lighter, USB charging port, radio, and fire extinguisher are installed to provide more abundant personalized driving/riding experience. ● The integrated large color LCD display and control terminal integrates the instruments to ensure easy and simple understanding, the multiple languages are provided for you to understand the system status at any time, and the multiple mode settings are provided, featuring high intelligence and convenience. ● The optional reversing camera system can display the vision behind the vehicle to ensure the reversing safety. ● The safety passageway system and the reasonably arranged safety handrails and anti-skid footplates for whole vehicle guarantee the driver’s safety Working adaptability ● The machine adopts double-circuit electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system to ensure good load self-adaptability, loaded and in-situ steering capability, stepless speed regulation, and high flexibility and efficiency and realize outstanding construction performance in narrow sites. ● The chassis system features long ground length, high ground clearance, stable driving, and excellent trafficability. Depending on the specific working condition, the environmental sanitation blade, ripper, and winch can be installed to achieve high operating capability. The standard LED working lamps of higher illumination intensity improve the illumination capability during nighttime operations to achieve higher safety and reliability Operating performance ● The traveling is operated by single electronic control joystick and the working device is operated by single pilot joystick, featuring flexible, handy, and comfortable operations Easy maintenances ● The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantui’s mature products. ● The electric harnesses adopt seamless corrugated pipes and deconcentrators for branching, featuring high protection grade. ● The core electric and hydraulic parts adopt imported products, featuring stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability. ● The modular structure design of the machine features easy disassembling and assembling, simple repairs, low failure rate, and easy maintenances



Parameter name DH13-K2 XL (Extended version) DH13-K2 LGP(Low ground pressure version)
Performance parameters
Operating weight (Kg) 14200kg/31306lb (With traction frame) 14800kg/32628lb (With traction frame)
Ground pressure (kPa) 48 36.9
Engine model N67 N67
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 118/2200 118/2200
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 5010*3380*3110 5010*3680*3110
Driving performance
Forward speed (km/h) 0~10km/h(6.2mph) 0~10km/h(6.2mph)
Reversing speed (km/h) 0~10km/h(6.2mph) 0~10km/h(6.2mph)
Chassis System
Center distance of track (mm) 1930 2150
Width of track shoes (mm) 560 760
Ground length(mm) 2640 2640
Tank capacity
Fuel tank (L) 263 263
Working device
Blade type Power Angle Tilt Power Angle Tilt
Digging depth (mm) 460 460
Ripper type Three-shank ripper Three-shank ripper
Ripping depth (mm) 500 500

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