SHANTUI 17ton Popular product SD16 standard crawler bulldozer factory price for sale

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Power system

● Equipped with WP10 electronic control engine to meet the national phase III emission requirements for non-road machinery, with strong power, high efficiency and energy saving, and low maintenance costs; ● The torque reserve coefficient is large, and the rated power reaches 131kW; ● Adopting a radially sealed air intake system, effectively improving the service life of the engine.

Transmission system

● The transmission system is perfectly matched with the engine curve, the high efficiency zone is wider, and the transmission efficiency is higher; ● Shantui's self-made transmission system has been tested by the market for a long time, with stable performance and reliable quality.


Product Display

Engine Model & type Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1/Weichai WD10G178E25;water-cooled,  in-line, 4-stroke injection direct
Horsepower Gross power: 131/175/1850 kW/HP/rpm //Net power:  120/160/1850 kW/HP/rpm
Number of cylinders 6-126*130 mm (bore * stroke)
Piston displacement 9.726 L
Min. fuel consumption 214 g/kW·h
Maximum torque 765 N·m@1300 rpm
Power transmission system Torque converter 3-element, 1 stage, 1 phase
Transmission Planetary gear type, power-shift, forced lubrication
Main drive Spiral bevel gear, single-stage speed reduction,splash lubrication
Steering clutch Lubricated, multi-disc, spring loaded, hand hydraulically separated, inter-linking with steering brake
Steering brake Lubricated, floating band structure, foot brake with hydraulic booster
Final drive 2-stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication
Travel speed Gear 1st 2nd 3rd
Forward 0-3.29 km/h 0-5.82 km/h 0-9.63 km/h
Reverse 0-4.28 km/h 0-7.59 km/h 0-12.53 km/h
Undercarriage system Type Sprayed beam, suspended structure of equalizer
Carrier rollers 2 each side
Track rollers 6 each side
Track type Assembled, single-grouser
Width of track shoes 510 mm
Pitch 203.2 mm
Hydraulic System Maximum pressure 14 MPa
Pump type Gear pump
Discharge 243 L/min
Bore of working cylinder * no. 110 mm * 2
Blade Blade Type Straight-tilt Angle U- Blade
Dozing capacity 4.5m³ 4.4m³ 5.0m³
Efficiency (Theoretical value 40 m) 225m³ /h 225m³ /h 250m³ /h
Blade width 3388 mm 3970 mm 3556 mm
Blade height 1149 mm 1040 mm 1120 mm
Maximum drop below ground 540 mm 530 mm 540 mm
Lifting height of blade 1095 mm 1110 mm 1095 mm
Riipper (Optional) Maximum digging depth of 3-shank ripper 572 mm
Maximum lift above ground 592 mm
Weight of 3-shank ripper 1667 kg


Driving Environment

● Hexahedron cab, large internal space and wide field of vision, FOPS/ROPS can be configured as required, safe and reliable; ● Electronic control of hand and foot throttle makes the operation more precise and comfortable; ● Equipped with intelligent display and control terminal, heating and cooling air-conditioning, etc., to provide a richer humanized driving experience, allowing you to know the system status at any time, smart and convenient.

Work Adaptability

● Stable and reliable Shantui chassis system, suitable for various harsh working conditions; ● The product has a long grounding length, large ground clearance, stable driving, and good passability; ● According to the specific working conditions, it can be equipped with straight tipping shovel, U shovel, angle shovel, coal shovel, rock shovel, sanitation shovel, ripper, traction frame, etc., with stronger working adaptability, LED work lights can be selected to improve night construction The lighting capacity is safer and more reliable.

Easy Maintenance

● Structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantui's mature products; ● The electrical wiring harness adopts corrugated pipe protection and line splitter to split the line, with high protection level; ● Open type large space side shield, maintenance is more convenient; ● The fuel filter element and air filter have the same side design, one-stop maintenance; ● Lubrication points of key parts such as fan shaft and balance beam are led out, which is more convenient for maintenance.


How Is Your product Quality Compared with Others ? We are a state-owned company with good reputation, all of our products are good quality with cost-effective price. Any after-sales service problems, you can contact us directly without hesitation. How Long Is Our Product Warranty ? The guaranteed period for the main parts of our new machine is 12 months commencing from the issue date of the Bill of loading or within 1500 working hours, depends on whichever occurs first. The main pars include: the engine, the hydraulic pumps, hydraulic control system, all kinds of hydraulic valves, hydraulic motors, hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic cylinders, radiator, all pipes and hoses, chassis and shafts, quick-attach system and attachments, etc.


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