CNCMC 46000 liters Aluminium petrol oil tanker aluminum heavy fuel tankers

The Fuel Tanker is a vehicle intended to transport large amounts of Diesel or Petrol,

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Factory strength: 1. Production ability: 10,000 units per year 2. More than 20 years’ manufacturing experience 3. With around 100 research engineers 4. Advanced and professional assembly line, 5. Export to more than 50 countries and regions 6. High quality control and strict test inspection 7. Continuous innovation and improvement


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Products features: 1. Competitive price.    2. Quick delivery.    3. Fast discharge.    4. Low residual rate 5. High quality and durable material and parts.    6. High mobility.    7. Leading quality power painting 8. Elegant appearance.    9. Stable performance.    10. Products quality certificates SGS / ISO.    11. Long service life. 12. Warranty and after sales service guaranteed.    13. In-time after sale service 14. Easy and convenient operation ,     15. Customized logo available.    16. Spare parts available 17. Monitoring system and safety guard system available.    18. Light weighty design available

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A. Running system
Item Standard Optional
Axle Fuwa brand, 13T, 3 axles, 1st Axle Lifting, BPW/ Huajin brand
Suspension Leaf spring Air suspension
King pin 2” type, JOST brand, bolted type 3.5”
Landing gear JOST E100, operating on right side JOST A400
Tire 12+1 pieces, 12R22.5, double coin brand 11R22.5, linglong brand
Wheel Steel rim 12+1 pieces Aluminum rim
Brake system WABCO ABS, 1 set WABCO EBS , China brand ABS
B. Tank Shell
Item Standard Optional
Product Diesel or gasoline  
Tank Shape Uniform cross section With visible weld line tank sides and tank ends Varied cross section
Capacity & Compartments 40,000L, ullage distance as per +5% design   
Tank shell Material and thickness Aluminum 6mm  
Tank end and thickness Aluminum 6.5mm  
Compartment plate and thickness Aluminum 6.5mm  
Anti-wave plate and thickness Aluminum 6mm  
Frame Steel Aluminum
C. Tank Configuration
Item Standard Optional
Man hole   China brand, with 10-inch loading inlet and built-in pressure relief valve, Civacon brand
Vapor recovery Without Civacon brand, China brand, With provision only
Overfill protection Without Civacon brand, China brand, With provision only
Gauge marker 1 piece/ compartment,  
Bottom valve China brand, 4” aluminum alloy pneumatic type, 1 piece/ compartment Civacon brand
Discharge pipeline Individual pipeline per compartment    
Emergency shut off system Pneumatic type  
Discharge cabinet Aluminum made, right side middle  
Discharge valve            China brand, 3” aluminum ball valve, with cap API valve 2.5” ball valve
Drip pan Included  
Product indicator Included  
Product pump Without Vane pump
Flow meter Without  
D. Other Accessories
  Standard Optional
Outside ladder Aluminum made, vertical type, in front Steel
Inside ladder Without Optional
Top coaming Included  
Tank top walkway With anti-skid wire net With anti-skid painting
Water drain pipe At back, vertical type,  
Top hand rail Pneumatic type U shape aluminum collapsible rail, inside of top coaming Manual type outside of top coaming
Hose carrier 6-meter aluminum circular type Stainless
Hose 5.5 meter, 3” black hose, standard brand Alfagomma brand
Tool box One, aluminum made  
Wheel cover Aluminum made Steel, Plastic
Side guard rail Aluminum made  
Rear bumper High and low steel bumper, with two red flags, With wire protection between two bumpers Aluminum  
Reverse buzzer Included  
Fire-extinguisher 8 kg dry powder type, 2 pieces  
Electrical system 24V, LED lamps, 7-pole socket  
Safety cone 1 bracket, 3 cones  
Wheel choke 2 sets  
Rear capacity sign Without  
E. Steel Treatment and Painting
Item Standard Optional
Tank inside Clean, without painting  
Tank outside Aluminum portion: Original aluminum color, without painting, Steel portion: painted in grey Sticker: FLAMMABLE   NO SMOKE WITHIN 50 FEET  
Hazchem sticker Included  
F. Others As per factory standard.

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