CNCMC 40m3 3 Axles Promotional Dry Powder Silo Transport Tank Bulk Cement Bulker Tanker Trailer

CNCMC cement bulk carrier and powder material tanker semi trailer are widely used for transporting and storing cement, coal powder, dry mortar, food and chemical powder. The vehicle can effectively improve transport efficiency, reduce transport cost, decrease pollution, and meanwhile, realize the mechanization of loading, transporting, discharging and storage. All structural parts have been treated with shot blast pre-treated technology. Tank parts are welded with special tank clamp equipment and Panasonic automatic welder. The coating and painting adopt high quality baking varnish standard, the topcoats life is generally 2-3 times longer than other manufacturers.

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Factory strength: 1. Production ability: 10,000 units per year 2. More than 20 years’ manufacturing experience 3. With around 100 research engineers 4. Advanced and professional assembly line, 5. Export to more than 50 countries and regions 6. High quality control and strict test inspection 7. Continuous innovation and improvement


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Dimension & Weight   Total length 10,200mm approx.
  Total width 2,520mm approx.
  Total height 3,990mm approx.
  Kerb mass 8,200kg approx.
Performance   Tank capacity 40 m3 Discharge speed ≥1.2(t/min)
  Rated pressure 0.2(MPa) Residual ≤0.3(%)
  Vertical distance ≥15(m) Horizontal distance ≥5 (m)
Main Configuration Item Standard configuration Optional
  Body structure One compartment  
  Man hole Three Two
  Axle 3 axles, FUWA 13T BPW brand
  King pin JOST 2” 3.5”
  Suspension Leaf spring  
  Tire 12R22.5, 12+1 pieces , One spare tire bracket 11.00R20, 12.00R20, 11R22.5
  Rim Steel  
  Wheel cover Steel made Plastic /Aluminum
  ABS China brand Wabco ABS
  Top hand rail Manual aluminum collapsible rail Short fixed handrail
  Water tank Without Gravity water tank on tank side , Pressure water tank
  Outside ladder 1 piece ,at back On left side / In front
  Inside ladder Included Without
  Discharge hose 1 piece  
  Battery set Included Without
  Compressor Dunhua bohai brand , double cylinders , 12/2 type Single cylinder
  Engine Huafeng 4102 Kefa 4102 Tianhe 4102
  Engine cover Without  
  Electrical system 24V  
  Tool box One  
  Painting Color and logo as per requirements


BEST RAW MATERIALS Tank steel plates Q235, Q345, Q550, AG610L, AG700MC, etc., use high-strength steel plates of well-known domestic steel mills, tensile strength of more than 620Mpa, good mechanical properties, reliable welding, high strength and light weight. LIGHTEST WEIGHT The cement bulk carrier body is made of high-quality low-alloy high-strength steel plate, and the vehicle body has been optimized in all aspects, which makes the top-loading part reduce 600-800KG, surpassing all the similar products in the market and reaching the lightest in the industry; the high-strength steel cement bulk carrier body is greatly reduced; for different road conditions, Different optimized design of the frame to minimize the weight; using ultra-light and high-performance air suspension, high-quality self-weight axle, the lightest vehicle industry. FASTEST UNLOADING Through the bold upgrade of related structural components such as fluidization angle and repose angle, the balance point is re-determined between the tank volume, quality and discharge speed according to market demand, and the unloading speed is greatly improved, and the industry is the fastest. HUMANIZED DESIGN The cement bulk carrier bypasses the intake line from the front head to the left side, solving the problem of interference with the chassis drive shaft. The dry-mix mortar transporter transfers the piping system to the side of the air compressor to completely solve the pipeline problem. DUAL POWER SOLUTIONS According to the requirements of different users, the dual-power scheme can be selected, and the motor can be used to drive the air compressor to reduce fuel consumption, effectively reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. (Patent No.: ZL 200820069839.0) TANK-CAP OF PATENT TECHNOLOGY Obtained the national patent, domestic independent – no. The can lid adopts a centrally compressed screwing method, which has good sealing performance, flexible and light operation, and is safe and reliable. REINFORCED SUB-FRAME The underframe longitudinal beam adopts the original closed structure, which is closely attached to the tank body, with higher strength and better carrying capacity. The side of the joint between the tank body and the auxiliary beam is increased side support to enhance the joint strength and prevent the splitting of the auxiliary beam to make the operation safer. UNIQUE STRUCTURE The new unique airless chamber structure design and the unique closed air chamber structure design make full use of the fluidization principle, optimize the traditional air chamber energy principle, maximize the role of the internal guide slide, and produce fast ash and low residual rate. The traditional design of changing the hose connection, using the flange mix structure, improve the intake efficiency while eliminating the side slide open welding, to ensure the normal use of customers while reducing operating costs. HIGH VOLUME RATE The shape of the cement bulk carrier has been applied for national patents. The new tank shape guarantees an effective volume of 97%-98%, which can create more value than similar products. LOW RESIDUAL RATE The canvas belt fluidized bed design and reasonable parameter matching make the residual rate lower, the discharge speed is faster, the cost is saved, and the efficiency is improved.

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