Shantui 21ton Chinese Famous Crawler Dozer Manufacturer 245hp Bulldozer SD20-B5

Power System ● The modular design is adopted to achieve easy assembling and disassembling and simple repairs. ● The Weichai WP12 engine conforms to the China-II non-road machinery emission regulation, featuring strong power, low fuel consumption, high intelligence and efficiency, high parts universality, and low maintenance cost. ● The modular units adopt cushioned installation to isolate the vibration and transmission and promote the machine reliability and life. ● The normally-closed brake system is adopted to apply the braking whenever the engine is stopped, featuring high safety. ● The four-point semi-suspension shock-absorbing installation reduces the machine vibration and improves the driving comfort

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Drive system ● The normally-closed brake design is applied so that the machine is braked automatically after the stop of engine to ensure high safety. ● The shock absorbers in crossing shaft rubber block structure are applied to effectively mitigate the vibration from the engine and protect the engine and drive system Driving/Riding Environment ● The integral ergonomic hexahedral cab features large space, excellent vision, and good airtightness. ● The single accelerator pedal features comfortable operations. ● The extensively adjustable seat and armrests provide the driver with the most comfortable operation ● The cab adopts integrally sealed shock-absorbing system and sound-absorbing sponge to realize low vibrating noise. ● The optional A/C and heating system, the intelligent display and control terminal with integrated instruments, cigarette lighter, USB charging port, radio, toolbox, and fire extinguisher are installed to provide more abundant personalized driving/riding experience and guarantee the comfortable and safe driving/riding environment. ● The safety passage system of the machine guarantees the driver’s safety Working adaptability ● The undercarriage system features long ground length, high ground clearance, stable driving, and excellent trafficability. ● Depending on specific working condition, the semi-U blade, straight tilting blade, angle blade, three-shank ripper, traction frame, and winch can be installed to achieve power operating capability. ● The standard LED working lamps improve the illumination capability and achieve higher safety and reliability during nighttime operations Easy maintenances ● The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantui mature products. ● The electric harnesses adopt seamless corrugated pipes and deconcentrators for branching, featuring high protection grade. ● The core electric and hydraulic parts adopt imported products, featuring stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability ● The modular structure design of the machine features easy disassembling and assembling, simple repairs, low failure rate, and easy maintenances



Parameter name SD20-B5 (China-II)(Standard version) SD20-B5 FL (China-II)(Forestry version)
Performance parameters
Operating weight (Kg) 21000 23000
Ground pressure (kPa) 70 63.2
Engine model Weichai WD12G245E203 Weichai WD12G245E203
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 180/1950 180/1950
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 6805*3460*3305 6695*4370*3254
Driving performance
Forward speed (km/h) 3.9、6.8、10.6/5.0、8.6、13.4 3.9、6.8、10.6/5.0、8.6、13.4
Reversing speed (km/h) 3.9、6.8、10.6/5.0、8.6、13.4 3.9、6.8、10.6/5.0、8.6、13.4
Chassis System
Center distance of track (mm) 1880 2050
Width of track shoes (mm) 560 610/660
Ground length(mm) 2675 2980
Tank capacity
Fuel tank (L) 415L 415L
Working device
Blade type Semi-U blade Angle Blade
Digging depth (mm) 450 485
Ripper type 3 shank 3 shank
Ripping depth (mm) 595 595

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