Shantui 16ton Road Construction Equipment SG18-3 Motor Graders For Sale

SG18-3 is a new generation of mid-load hydraulic drive self-propelled grader developed by Shantui, and its technology has reached the domestic advanced level. This product inherits Shantui's many years of experience in the production of motor graders, with excellent quality, stable and reliable performance. It is mainly suitable for road surface leveling, slope scraping, embankment filling and other working conditions of roads, railways, airports and other ground. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment for national defense projects, road construction, and water conservancy construction.

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Weichai WP6 electronically controlled engine, whose emission meets the national emission requirements for non-road machinery Phase III, is intelligent and efficient, has strong parts versatility and low maintenance costs; It forms a golden power combination with the gearbox adopting ZF technology, which has high efficiency, low energy consumption and stable transmission; Three-stage air filter + three-stage fuel filter, effectively prolonging the service life of the engine.

Work adaptability

The hydraulic pull-out cylinder only needs one person to complete the operation of the swing frame, and there is no hidden safety hazard, which is convenient for users to use; The electrical wiring harness adopts seamless corrugated pipe and line splitter to split the line, with high protection level; Maintenance-free storage battery, placed at the back of the device, has a large battery life; The core electric and hydraulic components are imported, with stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability.


Product name SG18-3
Performance parameters
Operating weight of machine (kg) 15900
Wheelbase (mm) 6260
Wheel tread (mm) 2155
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 430
Steering angle of front wheels (°) ±45
Articulated steering angle (°) ±25
Maximum traction force (kN) 83.5(f=0.75)
Turning radius (mm) 7,800 (Outer side of front wheel)
Maximum gradeability (°) 20
Width of shovel blade (mm) 3660/3965
Height of shovel blade (mm) 635
Blade slewing angle (º) 360
Blade cutting angle (º) 37-83
Maximum digging depth of blade (mm) 500
Length (mm) 9015
Width (mm) 2600
Heigh (mm) 3400
Engine model 6BTAA5.9-C180
Emission China-II
Type Mechanical direct injection
Rated power/rated speed (kw/rpm) 132kW/2200rpm
Drive system
Torque converter Single-stage single-phase three-element
Transmission Countershaft power shift
Gears Six forward and three reverse
Speed for forward gear I (km/h) 5.4
Speed for forward gear II (km/h) 9.3
Speed for forward gear III (km/h) 12.2
Speed for forward gear IV (km/h) 20.7
Speed for forward gear V (km/h) 25.6
Speed for forward gear VI (km/h) 39.7
Speed for reverse gear I (km/h) 5.4
Speed for reverse gear II (km/h) 12.2
Speed for reverse gear III (km/h) 25.6
Brake system
Service brake type Hydraulic brake
Parking brake type Mechanical brake
Brake oil pressure (MPa) 10
Hydraulic system
Working pump Constant displacement gear pump, with flow at 28ml/r
Operating valve Integral multi-way valve
Pressure setting of safety valve (MPa) 16
Pressure setting of safety valve (MPa) 12.5
Filling of fuel/oils/fluids
Fuel tank (L) 340
Working hydraulic fuel tank (L) 110
Transmission (L) 28
Drive axle (L) 25
Balance box (L) 2*38

Technical characteristics power system

Driving environment

High-efficiency shock-absorbing seat to maximize the comfort of operation, and the operator will not be tired after long-term work The cab is equipped with air conditioning as standard, with an overall sealed vibration reduction system, using double-layer sealing, sound-absorbing sponge, low vibration and noise, and the noise at the driver's ear can be as low as 80 decibels; Adopt intelligent display and control terminal integrated instrument, fault online detection and alarm, provide a richer humanized driving experience, and a comfortable and safe driving environment;

Product Display

Easy maintenance

The electro-hydraulic control power shift transmission produced by ZF technology has 6 front and 3 rear gears. The best gear can be selected according to the working conditions to achieve the best combination of walking and operation; Three-stage integral drive axle, built-in imported no-spin automatic anti-skid differential, stable and reliable transmission; The balance box is driven by a heavy-duty roller chain, and the machine has better passability and terrain adaptability, which can meet normal construction operations under special road conditions, with stable power output and strong driving force.

Operational performance

The external gear working device with independent patent technology has large transmission torque and strong resistance to external impact; The blade with a larger angle adjustment range (44°-91°) improves the material control ability and is especially useful when dealing with dry materials and clay, which can significantly improve the operation efficiency of the grader; The connecting rod type swing frame is adopted, which has strong resistance to external impact and is suitable for working conditions with large workload and harsh working environment.


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