Excavator Hydraulic hammer chisel SB150_SB152_SB202_SB302 CONICAL_

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In order to do things well, one should sharpen one's tools first.We own advanced production technology and equipment .which provide reliable guarantee for the quality of our products to meet the demand of the international market. We can also design,develop and manufacture according to the requirements of customers.

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Brand model
krupp Hm300/301/301,hm550/560cs/v,hm710/720cs/v,hm950/960cs/v,hm1000v,hm1300/1500cs/v
rammer S-23/D-30,S-26/D-50,S-54/D-60,S-56/D-70,S-83/D-110,s-84,S-86
N.p.k H-1XA,H-10XB/10XE,H-12X,H-16X,E-210
indeco HB8,MES1200/HB12 ,MES1500/HB19. MES1750/1800,MES2000/HB27 ,MES2500, MES3000 ,MES3500
Atlas copco TEX250H1,TEX400H/HS
montabert BRH40,BRH75/76/90/91.BRH125,BRH250/270,BRH501/570.BRH620.BRH625/900.BRH750.BRH1100
furukawa HB5G,HB10G HB20G HB30G. F35,F37,F45
toku TNB-2E/3M,TNB-4E/5M, TN8-5E/6E, TNB-7E/8E/10E,TNB-14E/16E,TNB150/151
toyo THBB1600,THBB1401
soosan SB-40,SB-43,SB-45,SB-50SB-81.SB-81N,SB-100SB-121.SB-131,SB-151
General breaker GB2T, GB3T, GB5T,G B8T, GB11T,GB8AT, GB220E
hanwoo RHB305.RHB313.RHB321.RHB322/325/323.RHB340
daemo DMB S500V/DME50,DMB1800V/DME1800/DMB S2200-11/DMB210,DMBS3600/DMB36
kwanglim SG350,SG400,SG800,SG1800,SG2100,SG2800
gingtian GT80

Product Description

1.Selected raw material – high quality heavy duty wear resistant steel 2. Hydraulic-gas system, increase stability 3. High-quality and durable wear parts 4. Advanced manufacturing facilities, introduced from South Korea 5. High energy and impact frequency (high performance) 6. High-performance optimized hydraulic unit 7. Low maintenance, less breakdown, long using life

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